What Hunter wanted is authentic Panamanian style food, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the menu. He is quick to point out that each Central American and South American country has a unique and subtle difference in their foods, like capers versus olives in arroz con pollo, or is the fish marinated in lemon or lime? A traditional Panamanian ceviche is corvina, sea bass, “cooked” overnight in fresh lime juice, with red onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. The rest of the menu includes favorites like ropa vieja, fried arepas, empanadas, and sweet plantains. But the ceviches are the stars, so the best bet is El Cuatro, which gives you four ounces of each kind to try. Being so small currently allows the restaurant to source most of their produce locally, and their seafood fresh caught from Mott’s Channel.
— Wilmington NC Magazine
Those lucky enough to have dined at Ceviche’s in Wilmington know all about the unique atmosphere and inspiring menu, which pull the best flavors from the country of Panama to create an authentic meal full of fresh fish, tropical fruit, plantains, and more.
— Wilma Magazine